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Vegan pizza by Planta
No. 88

Vegan at Home

Planta’s move into the delivery game last year has proven particularly well timed, given both the pandemic-driven growth of gourmet home delivery and the continued popularity of plant-based cuisine. Chef David Lee’s creative techniques for manipulating non-animal products into gourmet creations put these dishes on par with any top-notch conventional restaurant cuisine. Now available for shipping anywhere in Canada and the U.S., Planta at Home offers Lee’s signature dishes, including mushroom gyozas, eggplant lasagna, empanadas and pizzas. Planta’s “collections” are touted as a way “to get started” (a.k.a. get hooked on Planta) with curated selections of items such as dumplings, burgers, olive oil cake and assorted condiments. Meantime, the Planta empire — a partnership between Lee and Chase Hospitality Group’s Steven Salm — continues to grow, totalling six locations as of this spring’s opening of the 200-seat Planta in Florida’s West Palm Beach.
—StaffPhoto Credit: Planta

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