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Bar Pompette

With all the effortless charm of a lively neighbourhood Parisian café, Bar Pompette is that rare kind of place that makes you feel lucky to have discovered it — especially when you manage to score a seat around the classic marble bar top. While hardly a secret (it has been generating buzz since opening a few doors down from Restaurant Pompette in 2021), Bar Pompette’s hospitality is so unexpectedly warm, everyone who walks in the door is treated like a long-lost friend. Just as exceptional is the cocktail list, which features unlikely sounding flavour combinations such as cornichon and vermouth, or agave mixed with a distillate made from birria (the traditional Jaliscan lamb stew). Against all odds, there are no muddy flavours here. Even the most esoteric and complex drinks are elegant, fresh, vibrant and ridiculously easy drinking, thanks to the pro team led by co-owner Hugo Togni. Lately, they’ve been pushing the envelope with farm-to-glass initiatives, experimental spirits and terroir-forward wines.

Seabiscuit, a gorgeous white chocolate, sea buckthorn, elderflower and tequila cocktail.
Fun Fact
The bar rescues cracked (ugly) tomatoes from farmers for its cocktail preserves.
On the hidden garden patio out back.

Photography by Ashley Van Der Laan

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