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Best Bars No. 42: Burdock Brewery

Burdock Brewery is a brewpub run by winos (with a music hall on the side) that makes beer-wine hybrids and other wine-inspired beers. GO: Sundays, for pours from the “Unlabeled” series of small-batch experiments WHAT TO ORDER: BUMO, when available,…


Bienvenue à Toronto, Dreyfus

Torontonians who love a great French bistro finally got something local to celebrate this summer with the opening of Dreyfus. The kitchen at Dreyfus is helmed by long-time Joe Beef CDC Zach Kolomeir. His bistro hits all the best authentic…

No. 49: Don Alfonso 1890

Liberty Entertainment founder and kingpin Nick Di Donato had long harboured a plan to try and bring some of the grandeur of the multi-Michelin-starred
Supernova Ballroom

Coming Soon: Trash Collective’s Supernova Ballroom

Trash Collective’s Kelsey Ramage and Iain Griffiths are bringing their anti-waste genius to Toronto with Supernova Ballroom.  Alchemists who turn bar trash into treasure, they repurpose lemon rinds for citrus stock. Day-old almond croissants from a nearby bakery are made…

No. 50: Vin Mon Lapin

Small plates from chef de cuisine Jessica Noël and executive chef Marc-Olivier Frappier are ever-changing in order to feature the freshest of Quebec ingredients

Pink Chocolate Makes Pretty Desserts

Blush-hued pink chocolate has arrived in Canada,  and a spate of chefs and chocolatiers are welcoming it into their cooking arsenal. Pink chocolate, dubbed 'Ruby,' is considered to be the first significant chocolate' invention' in over 80 years. How significant?…

Luxus Lounge

Best Bar No. 50: Luxus Lounge

Luxus Lounge is bringing craft-cocktail polish to The Rock. The energetic bartenders running this intimate hotel lobby lounge mix classic drinks and creative signatures with air, attention to detail and great dashes of humor. KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: Located directly…

Makina Labrecque

Makina Labrecque is the self-declared “caretaker” of Calgary’s top cocktail bar Proof.

Kate Boushel

Don’t cut the line. Don’t order after last call. And if it’s Kate Boushel behind the taps, don’t ask her what she plans to “do next”—because she’s already doing it.
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