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Retro 70s Dinner Party

70s dinner party

The 70s were a strange time.

Bell bottoms and roller skates.  Disco.  Tupperware parties. A strange fascination with gelatin.

Over the top 70s food is the focus of Anna Pallai’s 70’s Dinner Party, a pictorial history of the worst cuisine the decade had to offer.  Hollandaise over ham and bananas anyone?

70s dinner party

Pallai’s inspiration started in 2015 with the Twitter account @70s_Party. The setup is simple: a photo of a nightmarish dish from the 70’s accompanied by Pallai’s short but hilarious captions. The format’s success (she has over 35,000 followers) led to this book.

Flipping through all 170-pages offers a mind-boggling display of the decade’s crimes against food. From sardine-topped boiled egg appetizers to a seafood mousse shaped to resemble a cartoonishly smiling fish, the lengths to which 70s swingers used to go to throw a rocking dinner party is impressive.

70s dinner party

After one too many photos of frankfurter crowns and spaghetti in aspic, you’ll be thankful for how far food has come along and maybe even a little wistful for a less complicated time.

Retro dinner party, anyone?

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