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Summer Cocktails and Seafood Towers? Yes, please!

If your idea of the best way to enjoy a hot summer day in the city features great cocktails and chilled seafood, we're with you.

If you also prefer A/C to the sweltering, humid outdoors and a great view that does not include a closeup of the passing traffic, why not head for the CN Tower’s  360 Restaurant? There is no better view of the city.


The superb summer cocktail program features drinks like the Peachy Keen with Dillon’s ‘Elevation’ vodka, peach schnapps, 360 sparkling wine and Aperol. Or The Vesper with gin, vodka and Lillet Blanc. Two summer favourites have fun in one glass in the Rosé Margarita’s mash-up of tequila and sparkling rosé with triple sec and lime juice. The Sea Plane’s mix of bourbon, Aperol, Amaro Nonino and lemon juice is a summery take on a bourbon cocktail. The excellent beer list exclusively features Ontario craft beer–and that focus on local producers extends to 70% of their wines and a majority of the spirits.


And then, there’s the three-tier seafood tower at The Tower: an Oceanwise-certified extravaganza of tantalizing quality. It includes East Coast oysters, house-smoked salmon, chilled lobster, marinated side-stripe shrimp, lightly smoked Albacore tuna, delicate snow crab legs from Fogo Island and scallop ceviche. What else do you need, other than a bottle of crisp white wine? And don’t forget to finish off with a visit to the CN Tower’s never-fails-to-delight observation deck after your mealIt’s a fun way to end a great night out and complimentary (with a minimum of $75 spend per person).


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