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Say Hello to Go Cubes

go cubes

Is your morning cup of coffee played out?  That’s the theory behind Go Cubes, a big hit at the recent SXSW conference.

To the uninitiated they’re coffee-flavoured Gummi Bears. To others, they are the future of coffee.  Just two Go Cubes are equivalent to a cup of cold brew coffee.  The barista-engineered cubes even come in three flavors: Pure Drip, Mocha, and Latte.

The brainchild of tech company Nootrabox (“nutrients for your brain”) who argue that traditional coffee is an inconsistent source of caffeine. Go Cubes solve that problem by delivering the exact amount of caffeine in every cube. The cubes are also easily portable, won’t spill on your nice new shirt and include some ingredients meant to modulate caffeine-induced jitters as well as cognitive performance boosters like L-theanine, B6, and methylated B12 that improve caffeine for enhanced focus & clarity.

The cost of two cubes is roughly $1.70 US – which may or may not be less than your current Starbucks affliction.

Click the link to order Go Cubes. And yes, they ship to Canada.


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