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Restaurants have the power to transform their business to meet the new normal.

With restaurateurs on the lookout for creative digital solutions during this time of global disruption, being informed, proactive and nimble is more important than ever. Enter Lightspeed. For 15 years, Lightspeed’s mission has been to bring cities and communities to life by powering SMBs. Lightspeed’s POS solution works for any restaurant and is cloud-based, sophisticated and intuitive. It’s also powerful, yet easy-to-use and has everything you need to run a restaurant (or retail) business covered. It also allows you to open new sales channels for that oh-so-important takeaway and delivery business, as well as straightforward retail solutions for launching a grocery store or pre-made meals business.

Lightspeed covers all the bases:
Tableside ordering
Mobility & cloud
Customer and Inventory Management
Training and support

And that’s just for starters. There’s also:

Location reporting that allows you to get all your data for every location you have in your POS so you can get an overview of your entire business. Mobile reporting allows you to see all your data and access all your reports on your mobile device. Customer data management that shows your customer information by location. Product reports that show your best selling products, your orders and your current stock as well all the information related to costs and taxes. End-of-day reports that provide an overview of your sales and cash drawer activity. Accounting that automatically posts your accounting numbers every day so you don’t have to do all the calculations yourself

Big bonus points for their customer service. There’s one-on-one onboarding to walk you through your launch and free 24/7 support via phone, email or chat. A business blog that features timely stories on topics like how to launch your delivery and takeout and boost off-premise sales, the rise of the ghost kitchen and tips from other Lightspeed restaurants on how to survive (and maybe even flourish) during Covid.  Plus webinars, demos and videos from restaurants like Montreal’s beloved Elena discussing how they’re coping with this brave new world. And yes, they’re a happy Lightspeed customer.

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