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U.S. Election Night Dinner: Macaroni and Cheese

macaroni and cheese

While the origins of macaroni and cheese are undoubtedly Italian,  you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s an American invention.

After all, Kraft has been mass-producing the stuff since 1937.   Lore holds that the classic American version of macaroni and cheese was introduced to Virginia after one of his many trips to Europe, pasta machine in tow. His daughter is credited with inventing the dish using macaroni and Parmesan cheese. Later on, the Parmesan would be replaced by cheddar cheese.

However you make it, it’s the ultimate comfort food perfect for the long night ahead.

David Hawksworth’s Cauliflower Macaroni & Cheese

Pan-fried Foie Gras, Macaroni with Louis d’Or Cheese, Morels and Fiddlehead Ferns

Mac N’ Cheese With Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Horseradish & Chopped Chorizo

Canadian Cheese On Top

Avonlea Mac & Cheese


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