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Chocolate in Canada: Jeroen Van Helvoirt

Jeroen Van Helvoirt is a talented European pastry chef who brings his international sensibilities to Toronto’s pastry scene.

As a Dutch pastry chef, Jeroen competed on the international level representing the Netherlands who has worked in and with leading patisseries in Europe, Asia, and North America.  Fifteen years into his career,  he brings that international experience to Canada with a style that challenges palates with innovative flavour combinations inspired by his international experience. Currently, Head Pastry Chef at La Rocca Creative Cakes, Jeroen leverages his strengths to develop new products and signature techniques.

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Tell us about your latest chocolate creation?  When I develop a new pastry I always try to feature my creations with different textures and components to bring the best tasting experience. One of my recent creations is called “La Ciocolatina” –  Italian for chocolate. This individual pastry savours the simplicity of modern pastry arts and the beautiful flavour of quality chocolate. It is made for all the true chocolate lovers including those with gluten-free and nut-free diet. La Cioccolatina is a combination of thin layers of flourless chocolate cake, light and airy Single-Origin Saint Domingue 70% Chocolate mousse, a layer of smooth and silky Alunga Milk Chocolate creme anglaise, and it’s covered in a shiny cocoa glaze.  I’m also extremely proud of my seasonal Yule Log.

What’s your favorite Cacao Barry chocolate to work with?  I like to work with Saint Domingue 70% because of its fruity and floral note. It is a great chocolate to pair with fruit.

What is your secret guilty pleasure chocolate ?  A Twix chocolate bar is my favourite guilty pleasure. I like the crunch layer in the bar.

Where do you go to in Toronto for your chocolate?

  • As a newbie in Toronto, I’m still working on my list of favourite places for chocolate.