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InVintory. A Wine App that Works

A wine app that works

I had given up on wine apps. Believe me, I tried them. And every press release touting some new AI-driven app — well, there’s a direct-to-trash setting on my MacMail. But somehow, InVintory got through (that’s MacMail for you). This is a cellar-management smartphone app that really works and is a heck of a lot of fun. It’s made by Canadians and, remarkably, it does everything it says it will do. You can set up multiple cellars of multiple shelving or storage configurations. This is no small feat, and the drag-and-drop interface works beautifully. Then you scan your bottles and obtain a detailed profile, history and recent pricing report. When you need a bottle, the app shows you exactly where it is (shows you!). Wine data and information is updated in real time by real people — this is no small feat either. Real people who know about wine made a wine app. It’s about time. —DICK SNYDER