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Eco juices from Montreal

Sure, you could do your own juicing. But would the results be as eco-conscious — and delicious — as these refreshing beverages from Montreal?

An Egyptian family recipe for hibiscus juice was the inspiration for the slightly sweet, slightly sour juice by Zamalek — a delicious thirst quencher straight from the can, over ice, or mixed with spirits and a twist of citrus. Zamalek also makes a cider-and-hibiscus piquette with Cidrerie Turbulence in Sutton, Quebec.

The sleek cans of Mate Libre belie the power within. The drinks harness the smooth caffeine power of Brazilian yerba mate for a gentle energy boost. The Original pops with lemon and orange, while the Passion (passion fruit with a touch of lime and mango) is delightful, mixed half-and-half with a white beer.

At LOOP Mission the cold-pressed juices are made from “perfectly imperfect” fruits deftly diverted from an inelegant demise. LOOP also makes beer and gin from similarly rescued ingredients. The High Achiever — beet, grape, cucumber, celery, carrot, apple, lemon, and cayenne — is particularly gorgeous.