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A Fresh Take on Wine and Cheese Pairings

wine and cheese pairings

Think of as Tinder for wine and cheese pairings.

Canada’s own Professor Gary Bader from the University of Toronto has created his interactive wine and cheese pairing “network”  on software that was originally designed for genetics research.

If the technophobe in you shudders – relax.  This is one easy-to-use and good-looking interface.  The pairings are sourced from Max McCalman’s Cheese: A Connoisseur’s Guide to the World’s Best, with the map showing the connections between 270 kinds of cheese, and close to 100 wine varieties.

It works like this:  key in “California Syrah” and find out that the best matches would be Vermont Cheddar, Le Chevre Noir and Trade Lake Cedar.


You can search by type of wine, country of origin, or cheese type.

“You might want to either look on the map and place a taste region that you’ve never heard of, or if you know a cheese that you like and want to find similar ones to it, you can find connections,” says Bader.

The site calculates close to 1000 pairings between both domestic and imported wines and cheeses, and can also be used to look up specific cheeses or wines and their perfect matches, or you can look for cheeses or wines that are similar to the ones you know and love.

We love a fresh take on an old romance.

Visit here.

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