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A French bistro set in an historic house in Calgary’s quaint Inglewood neighbourhood, Rouge’s location reflects its ethos of paying attention to local roots. The menu, expertly crafted by newcomer chef Jamie Harling, is focused on fresh, seasonal ingredients, many of which are grown in the lush garden that unfolds mere steps from the kitchen. Numerous greens, vegetables, sun-ripened tomatoes and herbs, grown by the chefs themselves, all find their way into rustic yet refined dishes, and play well with the locally raised meats. In the summer, dining on the patio and looking out over the surrounding greenery and honeybees from nearby hives, connects diners to the ingredients on their plates. Inside, white-cloth-covered tables are set up in former parlours and dining rooms, giving a feeling that is polished, but intimate and comfortable, while dishes and a wellcurated wine list are served with care by attentive staff.

1240 8th Avenue SE,
Calgary, AB T2G 0M7



Jamie Harling

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