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Atwater Cocktail Club

Atwater Cocktail Club

Atwater cocktail club is one dark, dead-end alley that you shouldn’t scurry past. Because behind a door painted with the image of a scowling-faced individual (and lit by a single red bulb) lies a drinking experience that balances sultry mystery with warm hospitality.

Atwater cocktail club bar’s soft orange leather banquettes are as suitable for cramming the gang together as for a conspiratorial tête-à-tête. The inventive cocktails contain unusual fresh ingredients (such as fig, truffle, and lavender) and are served over perfectly clear ice that’s been hand-cut to t the glass. Teetotallers will appreciate the bar’s “even if you’re not drinking, you can still drink well” philosophy, with not-too-sweet mocktails made with natural ingredients. Bonus: the bar food comes from Foiegwa, the celebrated self-styled “French dinner” that is connected to the club.

WHAT TO ORDER: The Smoke Show

Atwater Cocktail Club 

512 Atwater Ave., Montreal

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