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Cloakroom Bar

Cloakroom Bar

The narrow entrance at the cloakroom bar is lined with black-and-white photos of style trailblazers.

Michael Caine, Steve McQueen, Serge Gainsbourg, Marcello Mastroianni, King Edward VII—those guys called their own shots and, tonight, at the cloakroom bar, you do too. Grab a seat in this candlelit, 25-person speakeasy (29, when the weekend over ow nook is open) and design your own drink. After establishing your base alcohol of choice, the bartender will gracefully guide you through a series of questions. Sweet? Bitter? Citrus? Spirit-forward? Before you can finish the gratis sample of the bar’s latest experiment (“a little taste of something we’ve been working on”), you’ll be served a bespoke cocktail that’s sure to be your new favorite tipple. Until whatever you think up next.

WHAT TO ORDER: Your call—there’s no menu

Cloakroom Bar


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