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Jungle Bird
No. 10

Dear Friend

Low lights and high vibes set the tone at this cozy neighbourhood nook, courtesy of the industrious folks at The Clever Barkeep. Like a dear friend should, this bar is attentive about creating options for everyone, swapping out egg whites for vegan aquafaba in shaken cocktails and offering at least four zero-proof options. Strong selections of local beer and cider go well with Atlantic oysters at happy hour, and excellent pan con tomate and beef carpaccio pair with many choices from a well-curated wine list. Get hyperlocal with the Espresso Martini, a smooth chocolatey pickme- up made with a dark-bean roast from Dartmouth’s beloved Anchored Coffee — available on tap and in cans to go (with food).

TRY: Inflatable pool – fresh-squeezed watermelon, tequila and red-pepper cordialPhotography by: Anisa Francoeur

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