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Wit’s End
No. 8

Bar Raval

The doors weren’t open for long before it became apparent that Bar Raval would evolve into something more than a great place for tapas. With its decadent interior of sinuous mahogany swirls, delicious pintxos, impeccable wine selection and full-on embrace of daytime drinking, Raval was a winning formula that immediately drew a lively crowd for breakfast sandwiches, midday snacks, late-night tapas and all manner of drinks in between. And Raval still does, partly because it stays true to the original concept of an elevated Spanish snack bar, but also because the bar team keeps its cocktail game tight and relevant, as evidenced by a new crop of refreshing, on-trend highballs.

TRY: Rinquinquin & Sonic – dry, lightly fruity, low-alcohol and hella refreshingPhotography by: Rick O’Brien

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