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Best Farm To Table Chef 2017: Jason Bangerter

Best Farm To Table:
Jason Bangerter

Speaking with Jason Bangerter shortly after he took over as head chef at Langdon Hall in 2013, it was clear he was in his element.

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In fact, he seemed to be vibrating with excitement, enthusing like an excited schoolboy about the chef’s garden (which comes with a dedicated gardener), the outdoor smoker and the gregarious local farmers and producers who’d pop in with various edible things from time to time (or all the time).

With those local connections and access to just about anything that can possibly be grown in and around the Niagara Escarpment, Bangerter has set about creating a refreshing and even more devoutly seasonal cuisine at Langdon Hall. In summer, when all is verdant and lush, he produces a vegetarian tasting menu that is wildly inventive. It’s almost too perfect an evolution for a young chef who early in his career studied and cooked with the distinguished cuisine naturelle architect Anton Mosimann. “Back to the land” seems to be a bit of a mantra for Bangerter, and that’s why we’ve chosen him as Best Farm to Table Chef 2017.

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