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Festive Spirits: Spiced Brandied Apple

spiced brandied apple

It doesn’t get any more festive than this holiday-perfect cocktail from BarChef’s Frankie Solarik.

In our dreams, we’re enjoying his Spiced Brandied Apple cocktail while sitting beside a fire on a snowy afternoon.  That said, we’d be happy to sip this anytime and anywhere.

Spiced Brandied Apple


10 oz brandy
2 oz raisin bitters
12 oz apple juice
10 oz sparkling wine
6 oz honey and black pepper syrup

In saucepan place 1 litre of water and 500 ml honey and 100 ml (60 g) black peppercorns, bring to boil, then reduce heat to rolling simmer for 15 minutes to reduce, skim lm from top, let sit until room temperature is achieved, ne strain and serve.

Raisin Bitters
In a 1l Mason jar, place 125g dehydrated Thompson raisins, 11⁄24”licorice root sticks, 22”sticks cinnamon,10g whole green cardamom,10g cloves,15g fennel,5g black pepper,15g star anise, top with 26 oz rye then infuse for three months in low light at room temperature. Fine-strain once the three-month aging process in complete and serve.

To build
Place all components except sparkling wine in punch bowl, add ice, top with sparkling wine and stir. Garnish with grated cinnamon and three Red Delicious apple wheels.

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