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Nespresso Professional Quality Pairings

Nespresso Quality Pairings


Nespresso Professional partners know that quality experiences and quality coffee go hand in hand. Get inspired by these three stories of excellence, the know-how that makes them so good at what they do and how Nespresso’s superlative coffee advice keeps their business going.

“When it comes to coffee, there’s a lot of inconsistency. But with Nespresso Professional, you get an exceptional cup of coffee every time”  JANET HOEDIONO, CHEF DE CUISINE, PATRIA

The word “Patria” means homeland in Spanish, and at this modern take on authentic tapas,  Toronto’s Patria draws heavily from the authentic Spanish tradition of quality ingredients and unique recipes. While known for its paella, it’s the combination of food, atmosphere and how you’re treated that keeps Patria popular. Hoediono’s favourite quality pairing with Nespresso Coffee is their in-house churros. They use Nespresso Espresso Forte in the chocolate sauce to make sure your experience is one of a kind, right down to your very last sip of coffee.

Nespresso Quality pairings

“The sommelier that draws from the full richness of a wine to select and suggest plates and sauces, that’s what chef Clement is doing with Nespresso’s Origin line-up of coffees.” Romain Jadot, Director of Operations, Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile.  

The Sofitel Montreal Golden Mile embodies the full range of French know-how and hospitality. According to Jadot, that is why a partnership with Nespresso Professional comes naturally: they share a similar commitment to an elevated experience . Nespresso machines are everywhere: The Aguilla 440 bar,  event spaces and every single room has its own Nespresso machine. In the kitchen, Nespresso coffee is featured in the delights from Clément Tilly, pastry chef at the hotel restaurant Renoir.  His commitment to taste applies first in his recipes. “Take the tiramisu for example: if we need hazelnuts, we try to source the best hazelnuts. Therefore, when it comes to the coffee we use, there’s no doubt about it – we use Nespresso coffee for its quality. When you dip your spoon in the tiramisu, everything comes together with the hazelnut, and I want the coffee aroma to tie everything together.”

Nespresso quality pairings

At Paillard, the only right coffee is quality coffee. CHRISTELLE PHILLIPPON, OWNER OF PAILLARD

Paillard was love at first sight for Christelle Philippon, who has been its head baker and owner for the last year. Her arrival marks the beginning of a partnership between Nespresso Professional and Paillard. For her, quality is a true passion: “we want the quality of our products to stand out, everything is made from scratch. We even make our own mayo. Paillard is steeped in artistry, and we only use local high-quality products. Even our flour is from Quebec. I’m French, but we can make great bread with Quebec flour! Since teaming up with Nespresso Professional, Paillard has filter coffee drinkers to Americanos because of the great taste. And she’s selling a lot more lattes: “There are no two ways about it; Nespresso offers high-quality coffee.”

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