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Project Nourished: The Foodture Has Arrived

Project Nourished

Imagine a world in which you could eat the fattiest foods without consequence to your waist or health.

Your Jenny Craig weight loss program is kicked to the curb as your wildest dreams materialize into reality – virtual reality, to be more specific.  Sound too good to be true?  Project Nourished is a dining experience that merges virtual reality with molecular gastronomy to permit customers to taste their favourite food like steak, pie, sushi, even cocktails without concern for caloric intake.  This brave new world of eating will involve some pretty fancy kitchen gadgets– an aromatic diffuser, a virtual reality headset, and 3D printed food. These manipulate your body’s sensory inputs and trick your brain into thinking that the cube of agar-agar (a vegan substitute for gelatin) you are munching on is the best thing ever.

It’s a gastronomic illusion that’s proven to deceive all five of your senses successfully. The applications and potential benefits are remarkable: weight loss; reliance on sustainable resources such as algae and yeast, and the reduction of ecologically damaging agricultural practices like industrial farming and overfishing; unrestricted dietary options for individuals with allergies or diabetic conditions.

Project Nourished is pioneering journey into a culinary realm that may come to revolutionize the future food of consumption.

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