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Is Seaweed the Next Superfood?


Sales of seaweed soared by 125 per cent in England after Jamie Oliver claimed it had helped him lose weight.

True or not, seaweed can also make you feel fuller because it rehydrates and swells in your stomach.  A diet staple  in ancient times, it has become popular not just because of its intriguing flavour, but because of its full-range of health benefits .  In addition to the aforementioned weight loss possibilities, it’s great for digestion, can help with detoxing and may help regulate hormones.

Sushi lovers, you are the early adopters of the seaweed trend, and you will be happy to know that your favourite wrap is great for your skin.  Nori is packed with Vitamin C and Omega 3’s,  the good fatty acids that keep skin moist and wrinkle free.  Filled with Vitamin C, it works to strengthen nails and hair as well.

Want to dip your toe into the seaweed craze but not sure how?   Why not order the Cornish Seaweed Company’s Seaweed Salt, an intriguing mixture of small-flaked dulse, nori and sea greens mixed with Maldon Sea Salt.

Expect to see seaweed swimming its way onto menus soon.

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