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Wear Your Herb on Your Sleeve with Tattly


Now you can carry the sensual pleasure of freshly chopped herbs around with you. Brooklyn-based Tattly makes temporary tattoos that feature beautifully scented illustrations of parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.

French artist Vincent Jeannerot has created the Bouquet Garni Set,  a visual herbal bouquet as pleasing to the eyes as it is on the nose. These original botanical watercolors are detailed and delicate and subtly fragranced.  The top notes feature red thyme, Italian bergamot, sheer white spice accord; the middle notes conjure parsley leaf, Moroccan rosemary, wild sage; and the bottom notes are white musk, clear musk, and white sandalwood.

If the transient nature of spring flowers makes you sad, perk yourself up with  Jeannerot’s Perennial Set.  Blue hydrangea, pink peony, purple peony, and rose la France carry notes of dewy fuchsia petals, pink poppies, ylang-ylang, and poplar wood.   You’ll be the prettiest flower out there.

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