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Tuscany Culinary Travel


Dream culinary travel. Jacob Richler explores the rolling hills of Tuscany and finds spectacular food and wine, and many a magical view.
Rhubarb Compote

Rhubarb Compote

Our editor-in-chief Jacob Richler shared his simple rhubarb compote recipe with us and now we are hooked. If you love rhubarb, this easy-to-make hot pink treat is a must-try.  Perfect spooned over yogourt, panna cotta or fromage blanc.  A true highlight…

Defining Natural Wine

The other evening at JOEY Eaton Centre I flipped open the wine list to discover a delicious surprise: a bottle of sparkling natural wine from Tawse Winery in Niagara—made with organic and biodynamic grapes. And beneath it, a bottle of…

Masayoshi’s Hirame Ochazuke

This recipe comes to us from Vancouver's incredible Masayoshi, no. 48 on our 2018 list.  Chef  Masayoshi Baba's  fresh take on the classic Japanese comfort food dish of rice with savoury toppings includes clover and Japanese mint flower.   



If coffee is your beloved,  get ready for Beanstock, the ultimate coffee love-in.  Beanstock is a festival with a conscience. Its mandate is ensuring a sustainable future for specialty (aka Third Wave) coffee.  It aims to achieve this by match-making passionate…

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