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Enter the Hen House: Union Chicken

Union Chicken

 Union Chicken is the latest entrant into Toronto’s roast chicken arena.

It’s a crowded space:  Flock, Nando‘s and our much-loved neighbourhood Portuguese churrasqueiras have been more than adequately filling the demand for juicy and crispy skinned roast chicken.  Is there room for one more?  If Union Chicken’s pedigree is any indication, the answer is yes.

Toronto hospitality team Yannick Bigourdan (The Carbon Bar and Nota Bene), Adam Teolis (The Carbon Bar; Four Seasons) and Dan Kennedy are the brains behind Union Chicken.  Rounding out the team is Chef Michael Angeloni, who has worked with chefs David Lee and Grant Van Gameren.

But it’s the chickens we’re really excited about.

High-quality organic and free-range, Union’s chickens are raised on local family run farms without the use of hormones or antibiotics. They’re fed a diet of non-GMO, all-grain feed, made up of organic corn, soy, and wheat. The crops are never treated with synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, and animal by-products are never added.

The Sherway Gardens restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and take-out, the restaurant is open seven days a week. The cocktail list sounds promising, Henry of Pelham Niagara wine is on tap. And there’s an exciting list of craft beers.

According to Chef Angeloni, the menu is all about clean food with bold flavours and fresh ingredients. “We don’t even have a freezer, except for the ice creams,” says Angeloni.

Who could resist?

For a look at Union Chicken’s menu, click here.

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