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Norma Restaurant

The Copenhagen Dining Scene

Every time I say “Copenhagen,” I get two different reactions— either a teasing comment about how ridiculously often I’ve been to Denmark (10 times) and how much I love Scandinavia or questions about the restaurant Noma.

Jacob Richler on the Cayman Cookout

When you picture José Andrés, the one-time elBulli apprentice who built an American culinary empire more than 20 restaurants strong, he is more than likely sporting a pristine white chef ’s jacket. Or possibly black tie, like in that photo…


Dreamy Barbados Has It All

It’s a given that colder nights inspire dreams of sunny locations like Barbados. If you’re looking for a place to shake off winter, why not look at Barbados? Barbados is known for many things: powdery white beaches, turquoise waters and…

Italy's DOP & IGP

Italian Cuisine Week November 21-27

Italy's DOP AND IGP label is your guarantee that the Italian food products you love are of the highest quality as well as the most delicious. Italy’s longstanding role as a global leader in the culinary world remains fiercely intact.…


Dining Trends Take to the Sky

Nowadays dining trends aren’t all focused on the food. In today's competitive restaurant landscape, is delicious food on a perfectly composed plate enough to pull in diners?  Or do jaded designers want spectacle? Dinner In The Sky aims to provide both…


4 New Things About Wine to Love Right Now

It’s an exciting time to be a wine lover. Between developments in technology and legislation, innovation is at an all-time high in the wine world. Here's a look at four new reasons to love wine more than ever. Plum, the…

Food Travel

Is Food the Ultimate Travel Guide?

A recent story in The Independent called "50 Meals to Eat in your Lifetime" got us thinking about the relationship between food and travel. There are myriad reasons why people travel. There are ancient wonders to behold, rousing festivals to attend…

Cayman Cookout 2017

Must Do: Cayman Cookout 2017

Held annually in Grand Cayman each January, Cayman Cookout combines two of our favourite things: food and the perfect Caribbean setting. Cayman Cookout 2017 is a dazzling four-day epicurean feast for the senses.  This year will feature an incredible roster of…


Your Invitation to Barbados’ 50th!

This year marks the 50th anniversary of  Barbados' independence from the British Crown. November 30, 1966, marked the first raising of the Barbados national flag and the launch of a new national anthem.  In honour of the occasion, Barbados has…

Jacob Richler’s West Coast Fishing Club Diary: Day 3

Jacob Richler’s third day at the West Coast Fishing Club’s annual David Hawksworth & Friends Culinary Adventure is short on fish, but long on flavour. Normand, Sophie and I leave the dock at 7:45 – in plenty of time to…

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