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Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are the Culinary Capitol of the Caribbean

The food in the Cayman Islands has never been better. If you are planning a tropical getaway,but are not willing to skimp on gastronomy, consider The Cayman Islands –otherwise known as the culinary capital of the Caribbean. Trust us. We escaped…

Charlevoix Lamb

Canada’s Best: Charlevoix Lamb

The small racks of lamb, lightly brushed with mustard, lemon and thyme were well rested now, and sliced into their constituent chops to reveal eyes of meat cooked to a perfectly even state of rosy doneness. A drizzle of fine…

Derek Dammann

Beyond the Plate: Derek Dammann Rolls with It

Chef Derek Dammann is a much-loved stalwart of the Montreal food scene.   His gastropub Maison Publique is fun and hospitable with a serious, disciplined kitchen, which is to say that it is the very best sort of gastropub. In this episode…

Beyond the Plate: Grumman ’78 is Good Food/Fun on Wheels

Grumman ‘78 debuted as Montreal’s first food truck in 2010 and instantly developed a fan-base with cult-like devotion.   Owners Gaelle Cerf and Hilary McGown opened their bricks and mortar restaurant that same year in a former St-Henri garage with cuisine featuring New York-style…

Win a Free Trip to Berlin by Drinking Wine!

31 days of German Riesling Returns to Canada.  During the month of July, participating licensees across Canada are promoting German Rieslings by the glass, bottle or custom wine pairing menus. All customers who order a German Riesling at any of…

G Adventures Local Living

The world is your oyster. This saying, and G Adventures Local Living tours,  perfectly combines two of life's greatest pleasures:  travel and food. If you feel that way too, then G Adventures Local Living tours might be your cup of tea…

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