Oh Canada, Oh Truffle

Oh Canada, Oh Truffle

Read these two words, say them out loud, and repeat. Canadian. Truffles. You're smiling now, aren’t you? Well you should be. Because this is not fake news; it is the real thing, fresh out of B.C., where in mid-December the…

Jacob Richler On Irish Whiskey

Jacob Richler on Irish Whiskey

The Irish whiskey category is on fire of late - and I don’t just mean this week. Over the last decade, stateside sales are up some 600%. Some attribute this to the Emerald Isle’s newly proliferating brands, blends and single…

Fast Food Vs. Fine Dining

Fast Food vs. Fine Dining

Many of Vancouver’s fine-dining enthusiasts will have noticed by now that David Hawksworth’s long-time culinary director, executive chef and culinary aide-de-camp Kristian Eligh is no longer to be found at any Hawksworth operation. And in Toronto, diners in the know…

Is A Healthy Diet Affordable?

Is a Healthy Diet Affordable?

The old saw that eating healthy food costs more than eating processed or fast food has been officially debunked. If you don’t believe the hype, the proof is in the chia pudding according to this recent study from the U.K’s…

The Return Of The Bread Basket

The Return of the Bread Basket

This year, diners and restaurateurs are once again embracing the humble bread basket—so long as it’s stacked with quality carbs. As Michael Pollan says in the TV adaptation of his book Cooked, “I would bet that if you took a…

From The Editor

From the Editor

This started at the top where, after its two-year reign, Montreal’s landmark restaurant Toqué! was nudged into second place by Toronto’s relatively new fine-dining hot spot Alo. 

Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants 2017 Launch Party

Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants 2017 Launch Party

Toronto's Shangri-La Hotel was the place to be on Feb 28th as the crème de la crème of Canada's food scene came together to toast the release of the 2017 list. Editor-in-Chief Jacob Richler and Publisher Geoffrey Dawe unveiled the 3rd annual rankings and handed…