Is Breakfast Bad For You?

Is Breakfast Bad for You?

We've been told to breakfast like kings and dine like paupers since Victorian times. A new book Breakfast is a Dangerous Meal by Professor Terence Kealey thinks otherwise.  When Kealy was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he was told to…

Chefs And The City: Rob Gentile’s Toronto

Chefs and the City: Rob Gentile’s Toronto

Rob Gentile, the Buca group’s culinary mastermind shares where he eats, drinks and plays Coffee I only drink Italian-style espresso. The beans should have zero acidity with a dark chocolate charred flavour. It should not taste like you dipped a…

Chefs And The City: Kristian Eligh’s Vancouver

Chefs and the City: Kristian Eligh’s Vancouver

Kristian Eligh, the former Hawksworth culinary director shares his favourite haunts and a few trade secrets Coffee Morning’s are for Kafka’s. It’s in my hood, I avoid crowds (sometimes), and they serve one of the best Americanos in town. Drinks…

Chefs And The City: Justin Leboe’s Calgary

Chefs and the City: Justin Leboe’s Calgary

Justin Leboe, the Vancouver-born chef behind Model Milk and Pigeonhole shares the routines and places that keep him happy in his adopted home town Morning coffee Monogram or Phil and Sebastian’s. Both are local shops that are heavily invested in their…

Chefs And The City:  David McMillan’s Montreal

Chefs and the City: David McMillan’s Montreal

David McMillan, the veteran chef and restaurateur behind Joe Beef and Vin Papillon, lets us in on his private city. For late-night food and drink Loïc just down the street from us and has a great vibe. L’Express is also a must and…

Drynuary Or Bust

Drynuary or Bust

Surviving January, the sober way. Where December is shiny bows, fatty foods and festive knitwear, January is the office supplies of months. Practical, useful, but in no way any cause of celebration. And while life isn't much fun without a…

Adam Vettorel’s Sarde In Saor

Adam Vettorel’s Sarde in Saor

Adam Vettorel's take on the classic Venetian cicchetti works perfectly as a light, healthy meal or as an antipasto at a dinner party. Sarde in Saor INGREDIENTS 20 sardines Salt 1 tbsp oil 3 large onions 3 fennel bulbs (pick and…

In The Kitchen With Miele

In the Kitchen with Miele

Who isn't passionate about cooking these days? We spend so much time in our kitchen that choosing the appropriate appliances has become super-important - and a little nerve-wracking. Smart-cookie Miele knows that cooking is about so much more than having the…

Olive Oil Gelato

Olive Oil Gelato

Gelato is Italy’s answer to our ice cream, but more importantly, it's a product that packs a punch in terms of flavour and consistency. Even in gelato!  This recipe for olive oil gelato uses Olearia San Giorgio OTTO Extra Virgin Olive…

Derek Dammann’s Chicken Wing Gravy

Derek Dammann’s Chicken Wing Gravy

Chicken Wing Gravy This can be made ahead of time and frozen to make life easier on the big day. —D.D. From Canada's 100 Best Cooking Issue 2016