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This small restaurant on an unfashionable stretch of Ossington Avenue north of Bloor started out in 2012 as a neighbourhood spot, but of a quality that reasonable locals had not quite dared to expect. The room was small, intimate and nicely lit, the service professional, and the plates memorable. And there was a flourish and finesse to their execution that signalled that chef Justin Cournoyer was capable of big things. Since those early days, his culinary ambition has grown in leaps and bounds. Inspired by the Nordic movement, his kitchen has taken aim at our wild riches. Or more precisely, they make culinary riches out of what we used to see as organic rubbish in the forest. Picture venison tartare with dehydrated lichen and juniper. Or trout in rutabaga consommé seasoned with moss and pine needles. The chef’s menu is a seven-course travelogue through Canadian flavours you did not know existed.

971 Ossington Avenue,
Toronto, ON M6G 3V5



Tuesday to Saturday
6:00PM – 10:00pm



Justin Cournoyer


Sous Chef


Barbode Soudi

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