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The Keefer Bar
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The Keefer Bar

The Keefer Bar

At Keefer Bar, you don’t need to believe in traditional Chinese medicine to feel the Qi coursing through this dark, moody haunt seemingly sprung from the dystopian set of Blade Runner.

At Keefer bar, the back bar is illuminated by sinewy anatomical illustrations in glowing LED lightboxes. The apothecary-themed menu, labeled as a list of “Remedies and Cures,” is dosed with red ginseng, magnolia bark, and wolfberry tinctures. There is acupoint precision in house-blended vermouths and ice blocks broken down by chainsaw, then hand-carved into diamonds. And no matter the night or where you sit—around the outdoor re pit, next to a soul singer belting out James Brown by the front window, Dim Sum Happy Hour, Femme Den Sundays—there is a vital energy massaged into every experience that makes it feel that the room will cure whatever ails you.

WHAT TO ORDER: Húluóbu Punch

The Keefer Bar

135 Keefer Street Vancouver

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