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DOWN A SIDE STREET just off busy and hip King Street West is Edulis, a modest neighbourhood bistro in looks but a powerhouse of fine dining in execution. Husband-and-wife team Michael Caballo and Tobey Nemeth — both owners, both chefs — are devoted to making everything from scratch or, failing that, procuring it from the best sources. Their culinary passions are strictly Western European. Sometimes the focus falls on France, as with their exquisite special-order canard à la presse. More often, though, inspiration comes from Spain — say, with charcoal-grilled clams accompanied by artichokes, jamón Ibérico and ajo blanco. The short but well-curated wine list is angled to the old world and rounded out by a small but intriguing selection of Champagnes.

Hands down the best restaurant in the country”

–Geddy Lee

Photos: Dick Snyder

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