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You like to eat. You like to travel.  Why not book your next flight on the airline with the best airline cuisine?

Alitalia’s onboard dining is the best in the world, according to more than 22,000 frequent flyers surveyed by  Global Traveler.  This is the 8th year Alitalia has received the award from appreciative frequent flyers who love its onboard dining program, quality wine selection and delicious menus that are true expressions of the finest Italian traditions: food and wine.

Savvy, discerning travellers will fall in love with Magnifica Class.  This cabin is unique in the long-haul market and is distinguished by the high-quality made-in-Italy services offered by partners such as Lavazza and the Ferrari wineries. That, combined with a cabin crew trained to be ambassadors of Italian excellence, and gourmet dishes accompanied by the best Italian wines makes for a first-rate flying experience.

A recent Magnifica Class innovation is the ‘Dine Anytime’ service which allows customers to decide when they want to experience delicious, regional dining that features constnatly-changing specialties from regions like Piemonte and Apulia.

Who knew your Italian fine-dining experience would start before you even arrived in Italy?  

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