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No. 9: Bar Clementine

bar clementine

“I cannot say enough good things about Bar Clementine. The pro bartenders use a wide array of absinthe that will make you want to stay until closing!” — AIMEE NORMORE, FRONT-OF-HOUSE MANAGER, PATOIS

Inspired by the romantic, early-20th-century French Art Nouveau—and with an expansive absinthe menu — Bar Clementine has quickly become one Edmonton’s favourite cocktail destination. Clementine was conceived and built by the Volstead Act, a craft cocktail crew comprised of Andrew Borley, Evan Watson, and Jordan Clemens.

Since it’s opening in September of 2016, bartenders have been mixing intricate libations that highlight lesser-known ingredients such as quinquina and génépy. Beer glasses are rinsed with absinthe, transforming regular pints into minty and intriguing elixirs. Top-notch Chef Roger Letourneau strongly delivers in the kitchen, with fresh ingredients prepared and presented in the most beautiful of ways. The frontiers between salty, savoury and sweet are expertly blended amongst both the drinks and plates being served up.

From Tobacco Smoked Triple Creme Brie with Amaro Plums,  Sourdough and Genevese Basil to Atlantic Ling Cod poached in Blue Cheese Butter, the menu is anything but ordinary. You truly can’t go wrong with any item on both the food and drink menus at this Edmonton Institution. 

Bar Clementine is No. 9 on our inaugural Canada’s Best Bars list

Bar Clementine

11957 Jasper Ave. Edmonton, AB

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