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The Food Lovers Guide to Wallpaper


Artful and eclectic food inspired wallpaper for food lovers.

Wallpaper makes a bold statement no matter where you put it up.  While the kitchen isn’t the most conventional location for wallpaper, these eclectic designs are a great fit for everyone’s favourite room.  Even on just one wall, these wallpapers will make a big design statement. And don’t be scared about the process of putting wallpaper up – some of the newer lines have changed the game with easy-to-remove, temporary papers that make installation a snap.

You are looking at banana-scented scratch & sniff wallpaper.  You know you want to eat your morning cereal surrounded by this beauty from FlavorPaper.

There is something delightfully fresh about these old-school fruit & vegetable labels from Burke Decor.

Finnish design giant Marimekko puts fruits & vegetables together in a distinctly modern way.  Available from  NewWall.

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