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Restaurant Ink: Lora Kirk

Restaurant Ink Lora Kirk

Restaurant Ink #2:  Tattoos tell the tale of our lives.   C100B sat down with chef Lora Kirk to get the story behind her very personal body art.

Chef: Lora Kirk, Ruby Watchco

Tattoo tally: 5

On her most meaningful tattoo

I’m a cancer survivor – twice. In most kitchens, you can’t wear any jewellery so I wanted a tattoo to represent what I had been through. I have my birth date, and the two dates that I had my surgeries.

On finding a tattoo artist

They’re so creative, like we’re so creative with food, that you build a connection and it becomes a special bond. They’re waiting for you to start the story, and they’re going to help you finish it. You’re not just going to get a tattoo, you’re getting an experience. It’s more than just getting ink on your body, it’s that connection with that artist. I consider India [Amara] a good friend of mine.

On cooking tattoos

For me, the spoon is one of my favourite tools in the kitchen. I put a little ornamental piece on the top that represents my partner. For me, the vegetable garden that grows all the way up my shoulder is all about the connection to the earth and local farming.

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