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Chef Rob Rossi cooks with Thermador


The centrepiece of any great kitchen is the range, and the crown jewel of kitchen ranges may well be Thermador’s 60″ Pro Range. This is the ultimate culinary appliance for real cooks who love to entertain. Not only is it incredibly efficient, but it’s also super good-looking. This is the range that does it all, beautifully. You can grill, sear, steam, warm, fry, and bake – all at the same time.

Thermador’s luxury gas ranges provide optimal cooking power from the top surface to the interior oven and precision temperature control through the superior flame spread and a reduced cold spot. The patented technology behind the Star® Burner with ExtraLow® simmer (perfect for simmering delicate sauces or melting chocolate) proves that the iconic star design isn’t just for show. It delivers 56% more coverage and faster – across every pan size.

And then there’s Home Connect. Thermador’s proprietary smart home system lets you control and monitor your appliances and communicates with apps that complete the ecosystem for a complete kitchen and home experience. Just think. You’re running late, but you can remotely pre-heat your oven and start cooking the minute you get home. You can also monitor the progress of your meal from the app. Multi-tasking cooks can make one recipe in the steam oven while baking or preparing another dish in the regular (radiant) oven while doing your thing on the gas cooktop and using the large griddle. If you’re learning the cooking ropes, check out the 27 Easy Cook® food programs – pre-programmed modes automatically set the oven temperature and humidity for perfect results. When everything’s ready, grab your warm plates from the warming drawer. It’s time to sit down with your guests, wine glass in hand. No, the range can’t do that. Yet.

Intrigued? Let us show you the 60″ Pro Range in action. Check out our recipe video starring Chef Rob Rossi (Toronto’s Guilietta and Giulia) cooking Spring Pea Risotto with lemon and seared scallops.

Sweet Pea Risotto with Diver Scallops & Lemon

Serves 4

  • 400 g (2½) cups blanched fresh (or frozen) peas 
  • 1.75 L (1¾ Q) vegetable or fish stock
  • 50g (½ stick) butter
  • 2 shallots, minced
  • 350 g (1½ cups) risotto rice
  • 200 ml (¾ cup) dry white wine
  • Salt, white pepper
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 8 top-quality diver scallops, 
  • Zest and juice of 1 lemon
  • 50 ml  (¼ cup crème  fraîche
  • 2 handfuls pea shoots (optional)
  • extra-virgin olive oil, to drizzle


Combine 250g (2 cups) peas and 125 ml chilled stock in a blender, pulse until smooth and set aside. Reserve 2 tbsp. of the butter and set aside in the refrigerator. In a large saucepan on low heat, melt the remaining butter, add the shallot and sweat until softened–about 10 minutes. Raise heat to medium, add rice and cook, stirring, for 1 minute. Add the wine and cook, stirring, until completely absorbed–about 3 minutes. Meanwhile, heat the remaining stock. Add a ladleful to the rice, and cook, stirring, until completely absorbed. Keep repeating this process, seasoning lightly as you go, until all the stock has all been incorporated and the rice is tender and creamy–20-30 minutes. Meanwhile, season the scallops. Heat a medium skillet on medium-high, add olive oil, and when it shimmers add the scallops. Sear until bronzed–about 2 minutes, and add 1 tbsp. reserved butter. Once it foams, flip the scallops and sear until firm–another 2 minutes. Remove scallops from the pan and set aside in a warm place. When the risotto is cooked and creamy stir in the reserved pea purée, peas, lemon juice and zest. Turn off heat. Let stand for a few minutes. Stir in crème fraîche and remaining tbsp. cold butter. Divide risotto between 4 warmed bowls. Top with scallops and garnish with pea shoots and extra-virgin olive oil.
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