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Tromba Tequila Takes the World by Storm


It might surprise Tequila lovers to learn that one of the world’s most respected and lauded Tequilas was born in Canada. Founded in 2010, Tromba Tequila grabbed the attention of bartenders and general consumers in Canada for its honest quality and superb value. The brand is now no. 1 at the LCBO in Ontario in the independent Tequila category and is the no. 1 independent spirit brand in bars and restaurants. But it’s beginnings were humble… with less than $10,000 in marketing funds, the Tromba team won mixologists and consumers over — one by one — by visiting bars and proudly pouring their wares.

Tromba is co-owned by the distiller, the internationally regarded Marco Cedano, who created Tromba along with Canadian Eric Brass and two Australian partners. This makes Tromba a uniquely Canadian product — by way of Mexico, for all spirits labeled Tequila must originate in the Mexican state of Jalisco.

Cedano is a Master Distiller, who learned his trade while working for major luxury brands in Mexico. Before founding Tromba, he worked independently on several large scale projects, and set about redefining premium 100% agave Tequila because in his heart he wanted the independence and freedom to fully respect and honour the spirit of Tequila and what it represents.

He truly is the father of modern premium Tequila as we know it today. The branding of Tromba reflects this entirely, named for the intense rainstorms that rejuvenate the rugged highlands of Jalisco. Tromba is about Cedano’s personal journey and mission to “make a storm” — and create change.

And what a storm Tromba incited at the 2012 Ultimate Spirits Challenge in the United States. The Blanco scored 93 points and Tromba was the only independent brand to make the finals. Less than 10 years later, Tromba is one of the fastest growing independent Tequilas in the U.S., with a strong presence in Miami, New York and Texas, and is the no. 1 independent Tequila in Australia. Tromba is a global brand but is still an independent operation, with Cedano’s son Rodrigo working along with him. At Cedano’s direction, Tromba cultivates a team of craftspeople in Jalisco — jimadors (growers), glass blowers, builders — who all have a stake in the brand’s success and continued growth.

Part of that growth is an investment in the future biodiversity of the Volcán de Colima, the southern region of Jalisco, traditionally home to a variety of native agave. Wild agave plants that have lived harmoniously on the land for thousands of years are at the brink of extinction — they are being destroyed to make way for corporate agave farmland. Through the Endangered Agave Program, Tromba is planting wild endangered agave on its private reserve — one for every 100 bottles sold. These seedlings will mature, flower and seed, thus ensuring a sustainable source of seeds for the future.

In Canada, Tromba features a Blanco, Reposado and Añejo, each appropriate for enjoying alone or in cocktails. Blanco is clean, sweet and refreshing with lively fruity notes. Reposado is aged for six to eight months in white oak barrels, which impart nuttiness and notes of chocolate, caramel and dried fruit. The deep gold of the Añejo is achieved over 20 to 24 months in oak, lending caramelized agave sweetness, dark chocolate, nuts and dried fruit, with a honeyed finish. No matter which you choose, your rewards will be enjoyed knowing you are drinking the finest independently produced Tequila, created with heart and spirit by real people who care.


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