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It’s Been a Good Year for White Truffles

white truffles

The price of white truffles are at an all-time low, and you have bad weather to thank for it.

Heavy rainfall in Italy’s Tanaro river basin has produced a bumper crop of Alba white truffles. As is with any hot commodity, the surprising influx of supply has prompted a plunge in pricing. A report by Bloomberg News states the price of white truffles has dropped as much as 30 percent when compared to last year.

Truffle hunting season usually occurs between November and January, but due to disruptive weather change, conditions for the elusive fungi became perfect in September.

However, it remains to be seen how this uncharacteristically large truffle yield will relate to savings here in Canada. Despite a decline in wholesale prices, what you’re paying on the retail side will depend on truffle dealers and wholesalers.

So make sure to cozy up to your neighbourhood truffle dealer, and then make Risotto al Parmigiano e Tartufo.

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