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4 New Things About Wine To Love Right Now

It’s an exciting time to be a wine lover. Between developments in technology and legislation, innovation is at an all-time high in the wine world.

Here’s a look at four new reasons to love wine more than ever.

Plum, the All-in-One Wine Appliance
This will be the item that renders all other wine appliances obsolete. Plum is the first product in the world to automate the process of preserving and serving wine fully. David Koretz, Plum’s designer and creator, said the invention came out of frustration over just wanting one glass of wine without the rest of the bottle going to waste. “Most nights, I don’t want five glasses of wine,” said Koretz to CNBC. “I wanted to be abe to hit a button when I go home and get the perfect glass of wine.” The device holds two 750ml bottles of wine and can separately chill each bottle to the varietal’s optimal temperature. Double-cored needles then pierce the bottle’s closure (whether it be cork, faux cork or screw-top), dispense the wine and preserve the bottle by pressurising it with argon gas. Plum promises the wine will stay perfect for up to 90 days if anyone has ever had an open bottle of wine last that long.

Decanters, Large and Spinning
What’s 110 lbs, holds 6 litres of wine and costs $185,000? It’s the newest item on every oenophile’s wish list--Penfold’s Imperial decanter. Only five of the Penfolds Aevum Imperial Service Rituals have been made, making the three-foot tall crystal vessel a worldwide rarity. Luckily for those interested in something more modest there’s the Penfolds Aevum Limited Edition Crystal Decanter. The decanter, of which there are only 300, sits sideways on a magnetic base, allowing it to spin and decant its contents with the brush of your hand. It’s also a more economical option compared to its older sibling, retailing at $2,000. If there’s even been a time to blow a lot of money on something shiny, it might as well be an item you’re sure to use over and over again.

The Italian Town with a Free Wine Fountain
Step aside, Fontana di Trevi, there’s a new fountain in Italy that’s attracting attention. Pilgrims following the Cammino di San Tammaso, a 140-mile path from Rome to Ortona, can enjoy a pit stop in Abruzzo complete with free wine courtesy of the Dora Sarchese vineyard.  The fountain’s spout will be open around the clock, giving those undertaking the pilgrimage a quiet spot to rest and refresh themselves along the journey. The Cammino di San Tammaso is the second religious pilgrimage path to be granted a wine fountain, the first installed in Spain along the Camino de Santiago.  Religiously-fueled or not, a fountain spouting free wine at all hours of the day is more than enough reason to bump up Italy a few spots on your list of vacation destinations. For more on the Ortona wine fountain, click here.

Green, Green Wine
Depending on how Proposition 64 fares on November 8, Californians may be seeing a rise in their ‘green’ options. Aside from the monumental Presidential election taking place that same day, California voters will also decide if Prop 64 (the Adult Use of Marijuana Act) passes in their state.

With polls leaning towards a victory for Prop 64 marijuana and marijuana-infused products could be making their way to shelves very soon. Among those infused products ‘green wines’ could prove to be the most fertile, considering California’s large wine industry. The infused wines, technically known as tinctures, have been around for decades but only recently have come out of the shadows as the movement for medicinal and legal marijuana grows.

Should Prop 64 be victorious, the monetary incentive alone might bring more wineries over to the green side.

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