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Nespresso Café Gourmand Competition Winners

The Nespresso Café Gourmand competition in Toronto and Montreal have chosen their winners. At the Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts in Toronto, Ana Cotoros' Coffee Bliss and Griotte Mist was selected by Nespresso Café Gourmand competition judge Chef John Higgins, chef…

The New Wave of Canadian Beef

Consumers looking for healthy options turn to Canadian beef for quality, taste and keeping it local. When Stock-in-Trade Butcher & Kitchen opened in Toronto’s gradually gentrifying Greenwood and Danforth neighbourhood, it became another indicator of a rapidly shifting consumer attitude…

Anthony Walsh’s Cornbread

I did this first at Canoe but it’s appeared all over the place at our restaurants. It’s a family recipe from my mom’s side. And yes, it’s canned creamed corn… I don’t know why but it just works. It’s best on the griddle.

Whisky Time

The C100B whisky club gathers two or three times a year, as often as its members can manage the commitment. The finest tasting of 2017 unfolded one cold, wet and icy winter night at the pub Céilí Cottage in Toronto’s…

Vacuum Sealer

The Vacuum Sealer You Cannot Live Without

Everyone who shops at quality food stores is by now familiar with the preservative virtues of a vacuum sealer. Whether it's for keeping packaged food fresh for weeks in your home refrigerator, or freezer burn-free for months in the deep…

Rhubarb Gin Shrub

Newfoundland Rhubarb Gin Shrub

For this Rhubarb Gin Shrub, I use Newfoundland Distillery Seaweed Gin, made at a new distillery in Clarke’s Beach using juniper, Newfoundland savory—prized for its distinct avour—and dulse. The Third Place tonic syrup is made here in St. John’s. The…

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