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No. 5

Bar Mordecai

Beyond the lounge lizards sprawled over pink velvet couches on the main floor, and the raucous karaoke crowd putting’em back in the Green Room downstairs, there’s a lot going on at Bar Mordecai. An ambitious events schedule includes charity bingo, all-you-can-eat spaghetti nights (with prosecco) and guest shifts by visiting bartenders from around the world. The bar’s stellar cocktail program is also a wildly original mix — everything from shochu drinks with peach tapioca to perfectly executed boozy soft-serves. On top of all that, Mordy has slowly become one of the top destinations for national cocktail competitions and holiday pop-ups, like the 2023 Black Lagoon takeover that pushed Halloween over the top. All this excitement makes it a gem that deserves a turn on every tour of Toronto’s best bars.

The AC/DC rider (beer and mini chocolate bars) for extra karaoke fun.

Photography by Jessica Blaine Smith (Drink Lineup), Antony Creary (Soft-Serve), Igor Aldomar (Interior)

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