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Overpressure Club

Every neighbourhood could use a lounge like this recent addition to Koreatown, from the Project Gigglewater folks. Mining Japanese cocktail culture, drinks are, mostly, on tap (hence, “overpressure”), along with several nitro and some shaken and stirred options. Japanese whisky is served highball-style, with Fever Tree soda and a pristine ice shaft. Even on a busy night, the elegantly dusky room feels convivial and just posh enough to make everyone feel special. Astute service helps, too — and a killer soundtrack.

The herbal and spring-fresh Tobermory Trail, with gin, mastiha, dry vermouth, palo santo, clarified citrus and cedar mist.
Bar snacks are superlative, with options galore: karaage, short-rib “steak,” pork jowl, and vegetarian delights like nori-glazed oyster mushrooms.

Photography by Britney Townsend

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