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Laowai & Blnd Tger

Look for the billows of steam wafting from the open garage-style front of Blnd Tger, a modest Chinatown dumpling shop. Give the open-sesame password, and an opulent 1920s Shanghai speakeasy in peacock shades of teal and gold is revealed through a “freezer” door. Find Canada’s largest selection of more than 50 baijiu bottlings here, and sample the Chinese spirit in tasting portions, wildly original cocktails or revamped classics (a Negroni with Wuliangye). Oh, and do order the dumplings — they’re from nearby Kam Wai and they’re delicious.

Same owners as around-the-corner Bagheera.

For Sale
The gorgeous illustrated menus (don’t be the jerk who steals one)
There’s a speakeasy within this speakeasy.

Photography by Ema Peter, Josh Neufeld, Josh Neufeld

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