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Paper Lantern

This Vietnamese speakeasy tucked away in a Chinatown basement is a tiki dream. It has umbrella drinks galore, top-notch street fare (from skewers to shaken beef) and all the accoutrements — like swaying palm trees (on the wallpaper) and namesake paper lanterns. Tropical flavours are heavily at play across the cocktail menu, which features both the requisite mai tais and daiquiris, but also unexpected spins like the banana-infused bourbon Old Fashioned and a Pandan Painkiller milk punch.

Paper Lantern owners Nhi Tran and Tanner Ennis
Paper Lantern owners Nhi Tran and Tanner Ennis.
“What’s the Kitchen Having?” rotating dishes made by owner Nhi Tran’s mom for staff meals.

Photography by Dong Kim

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