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The Canada’s 100 Best Tipline is here


Our Canada’s 100 Best Tipline is long overdue.

We love to hear from you – and often do. We get questions on our how our annual List comes together. What it takes to be a judge for Canada’s 100 Best.  If we eat out every night (no). There’s the evergreen “What makes a great restaurant?” and the classic “How do I get on the List?”

Insert Carnegie Hall joke here.

Most often, we get emails from food lovers who think they have made the restaurant discovery of a lifetime and just want to share it with us.

So use our Canada’s 100 Best tipline to tell us about a great meal. A new restaurant or a killer cocktail.  A chef who consistently knocks your socks off.  A great farmer’s market or an ingredient you’ve never eaten before and fell in love with

It’s your chance to tell us what’s hot. And what’s not.

Starting now.  All you have to do is click here.

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