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No. 12: Atwater Cocktail Club

The Atwater Cocktail Club will have you thinking you’ve stepped into a speakeasy. With non-traditional cocktails and signature sharing plates, this bar lands at no.12 on our Canada’s Best Bar List

Filled with sleek 1950s decor, raucous energy and boozy custom libations, this back-alley cocktail bar in the heart of Montreal’s Saint-Henri neighbourhood has something for everyone. Forget traditional stemware; the bar’s most celebrated drinks come in unconventional containers. The famous Kung-Fu Panda is presented in a playful black-and-white, panda-shaped cocktail mug. There is also a tantalizing selection of sharing plates to nibble at, including the bar’s signature black truffle pasta, which is prepared by sister restaurant Foiegwa.

Atwater Cocktail Club is No. 12 on our inaugural Canada’s Best Bars list

Atwater Cocktail Club 

512 Atwater Ave., Montreal


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