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Ciot introduces the new MUDtile Collection

Modern. Urban. Design. The three words that make up the MUD acronyym perfectly captures the new CIOT MUDtile collection aesthetic.

Established in 2002 and designed in Montreal, Ciot’s MUDtile products stand out due to their sleek and timeless style.

The new MUD_04 collection, for example, is made up of three styles of natural stone mosaic available in shades of white, cream and warm grey. They harmonize perfectly to complement any décor, and are suitable for both commercial and residential applications.


ciot mudtile ciot MUDTILE

The MUDtile mosaics collection are exclusive to Ciot in Canada, so be sure to visit the company’s showrooms in Vaughan, Toronto, Halifax, Mississauga, Quebec City or Brossard.

For more information on Ciot products, click here.

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