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Cooking By Ear

cooking by ear

The podcast Cooking by Ear is an audio cooking show featuring former Chez Panisse chef Cal Peternell giving cooking lessons in the kitchens of some very famous friends.

Cooking by Ear host Peternell was the head chef at the legendary Chez Panisse in Berkeley for 22 years (he departed last May) and has helped to train a whole new generation of chefs. He’s also a  New York Times bestselling author:  Twelve Recipes (winner of the IACP award) and A Recipe for Cooking, with another one on the way.

The first guest on his new project is CAF actress and home cook Frances McDormand cooking Chanterelle Mushroom and Asparagus Risotto. She loves food and is as smart, funny, irreverent and warm as you’d hope she’d be.  Other guests set to cook with Peternell include Tommy Pico making “Morning After” Spaghetti and Chard Frittata, filmmaker Mira Nair’s Fattoosh and signature Chai, bounce rapper Big Breedia’s Booty Poppin’ Potatoes with Andouille Sausage and Rice and director Alexander Payne’s Celery Gratin with Béchamel sauce.

This is a great podcast for new cooks.  You’ll be walked through the list of ingredients and cooking tools at the start of the show,  and get smart cooking tips all along the way.  The show will also erase any excuse for those of you who don’t like to cook alone:   Cooking by Ear‘s smart banter makes for excellent company.

You can listen to a preview of Frances McDormand’s episode here.

Cooking by Ear launches April 5.




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