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Hello Fresh For the Holidays

Bring quality dining home this festive season without any of the fuss–with a meal kit from HelloFresh.

“We’re not going out like we used to,” said HelloFresh Head of Culinary Corby-Sue Neumann. HelloFresh helps Canadians master that restaurant-style experience in their own homes.” HelloFresh recently surveyed over 1,000 Canadians about the lack of culinary inspiration they’re facing as they spend more time at home. Nearly half of respondents admitted that unfamiliar ingredients can scare them off from trying a recipe. A third revealed that cooking new dishes helps them tackle their boredom. So HelloFresh came up with meal kits that process easy, providing the benefits without any fear of the unknowns.
“We’re really trying to inspire people by engaging them in the kitchen,” says chef Neumann. But that engagement comes without any hassles. Butternut squash arrives already peeled and cubed. You can whip up a chutney with Canadian cranberries in just 5 minutes.

“Set your table, light some candles, put some music on and just savour the moment.”

HelloFresh meals are seasonal, their ingredients locally sourced, well-balanced –and even though they’re easy to make, impart a few good techniques in the process. They are an easy gateway to cooking confidence. As Neumann tells it, these meal kits come with a bonus: “You can prepare dinner in a short period of time, not feel overwhelmed, and then actually be able to sit with your loved ones and enjoy it.”

Visit for our Canada’s 100 Best Special offer or the HelloFresh app to order your box and see what’s on the menu.  

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