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Instagram Restaurants

Instagram restaurants

Snap-happy diners might be the bane of other patrons, but the latest trends in restaurant design are all about Instagram.

Compared to Twitter’s 140-character limit, Instagram is much more of a boon for restaurants (and their bottom line) than previously assumed. If a picture is worth a thousand words, being ‘grammed by users with large followings compounds that original thousand into something of a marketers dream.

Even though Instagram makes it easy for almost anyone to consider himself or herself a photographer—in-app editing and filters go a long way towards making that reality — people still need a stellar subject to start with. That’s where Instagram savvy restaurant owners and designers come in.

In a recent article in the Washingtonian, several restaurateurs, designers and chefs spoke about the trend and how Instagram has influenced their work and restaurant interiors.

While designers and owners focus on special aesthetic touches that will prompt diners to take photos, chefs can gauge the popularity or effectiveness of their menus by seeing how often photos of their dishes appear online.

So even if you’re not a fan of food photography, this trend will at least have everyone sitting, and eating, pretty.

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