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Atwater Cocktail Club

Although it has become one of Montreal’s top destination bars and the flagship of Groupe Barroco (Milky Way, Bon Délire), ACC got its start in 2016 as a neighbourhood bar. That vibe is still alive and well, thanks to a core group of locals who regularly come for cinq à sept. Imbibers lounge on glittery couches, perch at the bar and groove to DJs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. A stunning collection of rare bottles from around the world includes extensive ranges of both sugar-cane (rhum agricole, cachaça) and agave (tequila, mezcal, sotol) spirits. They’re showcased to great effect in cocktails like the savoury Fall Effect, with plata tequila, mezcal and aquavit plus lime, celery and coriander. The inventive drinks beg to be paired with first-rate bar snacks, like frogs’ legs with garlic and parsley or spaghetti with black truffle.

Upgrade the 5-ounce cheeseburger to 10 ounces for just four bucks.
Try the ACC Drunken Orange Small Batch Gin, also available at the SAQ.

Photography by Chloé Ratté, Elizabeth Gartside, Madeleine Plamondon (Interiors)

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